CUNY COMPosition & Rhetoric Community

Sample Unit Schedule For Project on Discourse Communities

Andrew Laudel (24 Aug. 2014)

Tues 9/30   Readings Due: Intro to “Individual in Community” and Swales’ “The Concept of Discourse Community” (212-229)   Writing Due: response to Swales

Thurs 10/2   Reading Due: Ingalls’ “Writing Eyeball to Eyeball”   In class:partnering and brainstorming

Sun 10/5   Writing Due:Proposal including communication and work structure plans

Tues 10/7   In class:Conferences

Thurs 10/9   Reading Due:Mirabelli’s “Learning to Serve” (E-Pages)   Writing Due:response to Mirabelli

Sun10/12   Writing Due: Data for ethnography

Tues 10/14   Reading Due: Branick’s “Coaches Can Read, Too” (262-272)

Thurs 10/16   Reading Due:McCarthy’s “A Stranger in Strange Lands” (230-261).    Writing Due:response to McCarthy

Sun 10/19   Writing Due:Draft of Ethnography (partners revise)

Tues10/21   Reading Due:partner’s section of ethnography   Writing Due:revision suggestions

Thurs 10/23   Reading Due: Sommers’ “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced  Adult Writers” (576-589).   Writing Due: response to Sommers

Sun 10/26   Writing Due: Ethnography of a Discourse Community.

Tues 10/28   Reading Due:Revision History and DocuViz intro.

Thurs 10/30   Reading Due: Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye” (610-614) and sample workshop essay.  Writing Due:response to Murray.  In Class:Intro to workshopping

Sun 11/2   Writing Due: Process Analysis.